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Founded April 2012 as Our Love is Reckless (OLIR), Reckless Arts Collective (RAC) is a grassroots organization committed to creating spaces for emerging artists to create, perform, and grow in artistic excellence.

We believe that love expressed through diverse art forms is reckless and radical in nature. We believe that reckless and radical love creates opportunities for change. In recognizing that art has always had a relevant place in revolutionary society, we create art to birth, cultivate and sustain personal, communal, and global change.

Mission statement

Our mission is to create opportunities for emerging artists to harness their passion through creating, exploring and performing their diverse art forms.

Our Heart

We believe in the Village Mentality. We believe that at a grassroots level it is our responsibility to take care of each other, and we do so by raising funds and awareness for different causes, charities and tragedies local and worldwide through our art.


We value partnerships, and collaborations, and we recognize that entrepreneurs and small businesses are crucial to the artistic community. We strive to partner with and highlight local businesses and entrepreneurs by providing opportunities and spaces for community involvement in artistic spaces.
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