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2nd Annual Reckless Arts Poetry Slam!

By: Lamoi

In just a few weeks on August 26th, Reckless Arts Collective will be hosting our 3rd slam event, and our second Reckless Arts Poetry Slam in my beautiful city of Brampton ON. If you've been to a poetry slam before, you'll know that it is a vibe all its own. Poetry slams carries an explosive, high energy that I poetically grew up under the moment I was introduced to poetry.

Hearing slam poets like Tomy Bewick, Leviathan, Dwayne Morgan, Eddie Da Original One, Devon "The Split" Jones, Jamaal St. John, Knowmadic, I have such a love and adoration for poets that are able to stand in their truth, share poetry, and rock the crowd all in the spirit of competition.

That's the vision for the Reckless Arts Poetry Slam, an authentic atmosphere of poetry and competition, not only are we giving the winner the title of Slam Champion, we are also honoring their hard work with a cash prize of $150!!!

Last year at our inaugural slam, 11 poets (some from as far as Burlington) took over Xaymaca Jamaican Restaurant and threw down in an awesome poetry art battle, with slam poet Amoya Ree earning the title of Slam Champion along with the cash. This year we are looking forward to another amazing event that centers talented, emerging poetic voices.

Registration is still open to all poets that want to participate with only $10 to hold your spot.
Contact us today!

2017 Reckless Arts Poetry Slam
Picture by JF Images

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