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The Making of an Artist: What Every Artist Should Have

Photo: Ardean Peters

Google defines art as, “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” The world of art is as wide as it is endless, and it truly takes all kinds to create the beauty that is its diversity. As much as we are all different, there are threads of similarity that connects us as artists, regardless of background, discipline or level. Four very talented, very different artists were asked the same question: “What is one thing that every artist should have?” Through each response, a common thread of connection was woven.

Kofi Frempong the visionary of Kofi’s Art responded right away by stating the obvious, yet the most challenging, “Imagination. Having imagination paves the way for creativity. What makes us artists is our ability to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas creatively.” Chew on that for a minute. Spoken word artist Alyestal Hamilton added that every artist should have belief in their ability. “If you don’t believe you can actually create worthwhile pieces, if you don’t believe what you have within is a valuable asset (in whatever capacity) to society’s social culture, and if you don’t believe you are ACTUALLY an artist, no matter what, you will always fail.”

Giangelo Power, an emerging producer in Toronto who has produced for artists such as Christon Gray, Lemon and Staasia Daniels, says every artist should know who they are, and, equally important, who they are talking to. “When an artist has a clear vision of who they are, when they create they will be more connected to their art, and you can hear it, see it, and feel it.” Using examples like Beyonce and Jeremih, he elaborated that every artist needs a strong artistic identity and a target market that they want to communicate with. “When an artist knows who they are talking to, they won’t sacrifice their message.” Poet and Editor Dwain Wellington rounded out the conversation by encouraging artists to have tenacity. Every artist regardless of background, discipline or level of skill should have a secure belief in their craft and calling as an artist. “In a world that very often maligns art and artists, the artist must be able to stand resolute to the idea that the thing that matters is art.”

As an organization, we encounter many artists who are at different skill levels and waves of acceptance. Many struggle with maintaining their imagination and creativity, while some have not yet embraced that they are artists simply because they create. Regardless of where you are on the artist field of life, it’s important to know who you are, and beyond that, know who you want to speak to with your art. Inside or outside of a niche, there is someone who is waiting for you to create. To echo Dwain, we need to stand in the beauty, the truth and the boldness that is our voice through our creations, we often come to realization that our society has a love/hate relationship with art and its creators, but in the midst of that, we must continue to stand and create, because human creative skill is necessary in beauty and in emotional power.

Thank you to these artists for lending their voices to the conversation.

Kofi's Art   Alyestal Hamilton   Giangelo Power   Dwain Wellington

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