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5 Ways To Show Love To Artists Without Breaking The Bank

There has been a rise in artistry and creativity, as millennials are embracing their creative natures, and shunning the box they were told is socially respectable. That can only mean one thing; you now have a circle of artist friends all wanting your support.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. For your peace of mind we have compiled a list of ways you can show love, and offer support without ruining your friendships, and breaking the bank.

1.  Attend their events, and buy their merchandise. Honestly, nothing says “I support you” better than your face in the crowd, and their new book, cd, painting or print in your hands. Too financially strapped to pay the ticket price? Offer to hand out flyers, and do event promotion. Create even more warm feelings by volunteering to collect door admission, prepare the refreshments, or be the social media manager for the night. Your friend will be grateful, and you will get to enjoy a free show.

2. Share their events, and merchandise. As artists we get it, sometimes our events don’t interest you, and our merchandise is not in your taste, but we do know that you know someone who would benefit from what we have to offer. Tag someone in a post, or repost their event/merchandise to your social media followers. Don’t want to deviate from your carefully curated personal branding? Attach their flyer/merchandise in a text or email and spread the love.

3. Use their services…and pay them. Book them for gigs, jobs, and freelance projects, recommend others to do the same. People are always looking for artists, and your artist friends need to get paid – it’s a win-win!

4. Show love on social media. While artists can’t pay rent or eat from exposure, an online presence and social reach is an integral part of building a firm foundation. Likes are great, but comments, reposts and retweets are better, especially since social media platforms are rearranging how posts are seen, genuine engagements are what matter.

5. Send words of encouragement often. Offer to watch their children while they work. walk their dogs, and feed their goldfish. Being an artist is not a walk in the park, and many artists are going against their cultural, familial, racial, and financial grain. Tangible support is always necessary, and so is a kind word, a cup of tea and a listening ear. Be that kind word, be that cup of tea, and be that listening ear.

Saying “I love what you’re doing” only goes so far, words don’t show artists how necessary they are, actions do. So we encourage you to reach out to your artist friends and show them how necessary they are. Who knows they may dedicate their next work of art to you.

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